Live Webcasting Services

There are many companies who are currently utilizing the power of webcasting to extend their reach. Whether it is a seminar, meeting, or special event, live streaming and on demand video can make sure that you are able to reach your target audience. Unlike your typical video conference, our streaming video service takes into consideration the aesthetic necessities of live video. We will ensure that your message is clearly seen and heard and that it leaves a good impression on your audience.

Expand your audience
When your audience is not easy to gather in one location, streaming gives you the power to bridge the gap. There will always be a value in face-to-face communication, however it is not always practical to travel. Whether it is a time or a cost issue, you can offer this service as a solution. The stream can be password protected which enables you to charge registration fees for access or just ensure that the content is secure and private.

Interactive content
Just because an attendee is remote, doesn’t mean that they can’t participate. Through use of a chat client, attendees can participate in Q&A sessions, or just give feedback on the stream itself. To enrich the experience, slide presentations and videos can be incorporated into the stream. Also the presentations can be posted for download so that remote users can follow along.

In addition to all the real time benefits, this service allows you to archive your content. This gives you the ability to go back and view your information and presentations at any time. Verilan will handle all elements of production for your live event so you can focus on what is important, “your message”. Our Professional staff will work with you, and for you, to execute a successful live event.