Network Services

Verilan is your solution for meeting/conference/convention wireless (Wi-Fi) or wired Internet. Before you sign your next venue contract, ask us for a proposal. We will save you money, we guarantee our service and provide the quality you need. We will work with you from planning through complete implementation and wrap up of your event. Our bid is our final price - we do not charge a service fee or tax. Our pricing is better than in-house providers and our quality is superior. We are network experts. We work hard to earn your business and keep it. We strive for long term working relationships and happily service one-time events as well.

Why would I trust Verilan to service my event?

Verilan has been the industry leader for meeting, conference, and convention Internet since 1999. Provisioning high density Wi-Fi for some of the most demanding clients in the world including IEEE 802, IETF, ICANN, ISOC and the United Nations. These are the engineers and standards development organizations that invented Wi-Fi and created the technical protocols and underlying architecture that makes the Internet what it is today. No matter how demanding your requirements are, we have the proven track record and the experience to meet your needs.

What is high-density Wi-Fi and why is it important?

High-density Wi-Fi refers to the successful delivery of high speed wireless connections to every person and device located in a single enclosed space, such as a conference room, ballroom or foyer. For example, imagine 1200-1500 people seated classroom style in a large hotel ballroom, each with a laptop and a myriad of other wireless devices including smartphones, tablets and PDAs. Verilan has developed a proprietary method of delivering robust high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity simultaneously to every device in the room. Experts have told us that what we do is impossible. It’s not, we do it every day.

What’s our secret?

We custom design every network for every event, as opposed to relying on the fixed wireless installations found in most meeting venues. Every meeting or event is different. Wi-Fi signals are radio waves, which are influenced, absorbed and reflected by the materials in the room. We take into account the dimensions of the room, the location and number of people using the space, the layout of the space, and type of floors, walls and ceiling. All of these factors influence how we configure and deploy our equipment in the space. Our deployments are physically and spatially optimized for every meeting room to maximize the signal to noise ratio required to deliver the highest possible quality of service; something that fixed access points mounted in the ceiling just can’t do.

What’s the bottom-line?

Verilan is your best choice for pricing and the only choice for exceptional enterprise network solutions that is guaranteed. We do not fail and we save you money.